| immune boost | fights cold/flu | nutrient rich |

protect yourself from seasonal germ ambush – rally your immune troops and supply them with cold and flu busting ammo; made from plants!

anti-viral & anti-bacterial*

decreases duration & debilitation

protects against future infections*

chock full of immuno-nutrients*

tastes like

salty sweet germ defeat 

35 cups per jar/refill OR 8 cups per miniTEA

shake it baby

steep covered 2TBS 10+ minutes in 1CUP hot h20

get it in ya at the sound of the first sniffle

look for TEAtips™ in your inbox after purchase for our guide to kickin any cold or flu to the curb. 

🚫: gallstones, asteraceae allergy, pregnant and/or lactating.

Patience is KEY with plant medicine.

*statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. individual results may vary. please consult a competent medical practitioner with any health concerns.

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