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Today's medicine views the body in terms of it's parts -

the weakened heart, the aging brain, the arthritic knee...

The reality is the body isn't about the parts - it's about the whole. This whole is made up of systems that work together but sometimes not. For optimal health, wellness and youthful energy all of these bodily interactions should work together as they have influence over everything we do and feel.

Most of our everyday suffering stems from a lack of vitamins and minerals that are essential to make each system function well together which is the magic of human functionality. Often the missing link is provided to us by nature using plants.

I’ve been practicing as a Medical Herbalist for 10 years with a 5 year diploma from the esteemed Pacific Rim College and using plant medicine, nutritional guidance plus cognitive behavioural techniques have helped many clients suffering from acute and chronic illness.

Having me on your healthcare team takes the guessing out of what herbs and supplements to take.

Problem solving and inspiration for change are the main goals.

It is a heartfelt, inspiring and fulfilling service to provide to others.

90 Minute Health Consultation

As a health consultant I am here to guide you using holistic methods, herbal medicine & diet to improve wellbeing by creating a bridge to all of your health goals! With this in-depth and confidential consultation we dive into your health past, present and future for 90 minutes. Together we determine a baseline for your current health situation and establish a custom protocol using medicinal plants and diet to get you to your future health and wellness goals. Included are two custom herbal formulas plus a full body "homework" guide tailored to make your health hopes and dreams come true.

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15 Minute Meet your Health Consultant Chat

Unsure what a health consultation can offer you? Let's have a brief discussion outlining your current health issues and your health goals to see if the holistic approach is a good fit for your needs. FREE!

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60 Minute Follow Up Consultation

This 60 minute consultation is to check in on our progress, update any herbal or dietary protocols and to keep us on track with your health and wellness goals using the baselines established in our initial session. This option is for existing clients only.

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30 Minute Acute Health Consultation

Acute consultations are short and sweet covering general issues like colds, flus, injury, travel preparation, surgery post/pre op that can easily and effectively be treated with herbal medicine. This option is for existing clients only.

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